eMule v0.50a [EastShare v15.2]
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 2011/01/14 EastShare v15.2 released

 Installation: (new emule users simply unzip and run emule.exe)

 1. Download  and unzip binary file, copy eMule.exe to your eMule directory.

 2. Copy ~/config/*.* to your config dir.

 3. Languages other than Traditional Chinese please use Morph language DLLs instead.

 Clean Installation:

  If your EastShare Mod runs extremely unstable, you might try clean installation: Close eMule, only keep these files in ~/config directory: cryptkey.dat, preferences.dat, clients*.met, known*.met. If you wanna keep history statistics, keep statistics.ini as well.


  Please backup your ~/config directory; please update Internet Explorer to IE6 or above.

  The following has to be installed on Win9x/ME only -- it enables the Unicode functionality for eMule on those OSes. Microsoft Layer for Unicode on Windows 95/98/ME Systems (MSLU) version 1.0

 Please select binary or source file to download
 eMule v0.50a [EastShare v15.2] download:

 >> binary (executable)
 >> source (required to be compiled)

 For any question or comment, please visit EastShare Mod Forum